4 Best Golf Pants For Rain [2021]

Best Rain Pants For Golf

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Last Updated on February 8, 2021

Hoping to find the very best rain pants for golf? In search of the best golf rain pants on the market today?

If you want to stay as dry and comfortable as possible while out on the golf course, it’s important that you invest in some golf pants that are well-equipped for the job. Fortunately, there are some great weatherproof golf pants out there that can help on those rainy days.

Keep reading if you want to discover what the best golf pants for rain are.

Best Rain Pants For Golf – Quick View

Adidas Golf Men’s Climastorm Provisional Rain PantsCheck Price on Amazon
Oakley Men’s Take Pant 2.5Check Price on Amazon
Helly Hansen Men’s Dubliner Rain PantCheck Price on Amazon
Little Donkey Andy Men’s Waterproof Rain PantsCheck Price on Amazon

Best Golf Rain Pants – REVIEWED

Want to make sure you stay dry while playing golf? Here are our favorite rain pants for golfing.

1. Adidas Golf Men’s Climastorm Provisional Rain Pants

Good Golf Pants For Rain Weather and Wind

The first pair of golf pants on our list is the Adidas Climastorm Provisional Rain Pants. If you want protection from the rain these pants will do a great job. These waterproof golf pants are 100% polyester and machine washable.

The Climaproof technology in these pants does a great job of keeping up against weather and storms. These pants will work well in rainy conditions and in warm weather. You should also note that the polyester gives the pants great stretchability but are also very breathable and lightweight.

There’s a hidden pocket on these pants as well that allows you to store personal belongings safely. There’s also a drawcord on the elastic waist.

2. Oakley Men’s Take Pant 2.5

Oakley Men's Rain Pants For Golf - Best Pants For Weather

The Oakley Men’s Take Pants are another great option for golfers who want to be comfortable playing in rainy weather conditions.

These Oakley pants are incredibly stylish but also have all of the needed features for great rain protection. With the featured O Hydrolix technology, your pants will stay dry and free from moisture.

The materials on these pants are pretty breathable and can stretch well. Luckily, these pants are very fast drying due to the nylon material.

Pockets are located on the sides and back of these pants. It’s also important to note that there are belt loops located around the waistband of the pants. These pants are also machine washable.

If you want to find the perfect pants for your golfing look, you’ll be happy to learn that there are numerous styles and colors available to choose from with these pants.

3. Helly Hansen Men’s Dubliner Rain Pant

Helly Hansen Men's Dubliner Golf Pants Review

Helly Hansen’s Men’s Dubliner Rain Pants will also be a great help to golfers while out on the course. These are some of the best golf pants for rain that you’re likely to find.

These pants are a good option for golfers and do a great job at withstanding rain. They’re also very affordable as well compared to many of the other options out there.

These pants are very waterproof and are considerably durable thanks to the double-ply design. Because these are made mostly from polyester they have the perfect combination of durability and low weight.

4. Little Donkey Andy Men’s Waterproof Rain Pants

Little Donkey Andy Men's Waterproof Rain Pants For Golf

The Little Donkey Andy Men’s Waterproof Rain Pants are also well worth a look by golfers who want to play in stormy and rainy weather conditions. Be sure to consider these pants if you’re looking for the best golf rain pants around.

These waterproof pants are very versatile and are made out of 100% polyester. These pants have a fully seam-sealed shell along with mesh lining, making them pretty breathable. The pants are both waterproof and windproof and are also very lightweight.

Keep in mind that these pants run a little bit small and are on the tighter side. These pants are very slim. Also worth noting is that there are multiple pockets on these pants which are great for storing personal items.

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for the best rain pants for golf, any of the choices above will serve you pretty well. Not all pants are made the same, so make sure that you look for a pair of golf pants that will hold up, even in the soggiest of conditions.

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