5 Best Golf Clubs For High School Players: Great Junior Sets For Teenagers

Best Golf Clubs For High School Players

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Trying to find the best golf clubs for high school players?

Want to invest in a great golf club set for teenagers and junior golfers?

Teenagers and high schoolers who want to start playing the game of golf will find that many of the clubs out there are a little bit too big and hard to use for their needs. For this reason, high schoolers and teenagers should find a junior golf club set to get started with. Doing so will make their entry into the game as simple and easy as possible.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll give you our list of the best golf clubs for high school players and teenagers.

Best Golf Clubs For High School Players – Quick View

Top Teenager Golf Club Sets – REVIEWED

Ready to find some great high school golf clubs? Here’s our list of the very best of the bunch.

1. Callaway XJ Junior Golf Set – XT Teen Set

Best Golf Clubs For High Schoolers

The first golf club set on our list is the Callaway XJ Junior Golf Set. This set of golf clubs is great for teenagers and younger players.

While there are other sets of clubs for students, this set is ideal for high school players. The design of this set of clubs aims to provide incredible performance and maximum distance.

Impressive Callaway technology and engineering are behind these golf clubs, so you know they’re the real deal. The clubs are packaged well. They look and feel like high-quality clubs.

The golf club set also comes with a decent bag as well, although pickier players may want to upgrade to a different back sooner or later.

Overall, this is a great set of junior golf clubs. They’ll definitely serve any younger players well.

2. Wilson Profile Junior Complete Golf Set

Best Junior Golf Club Sets

The Wilson Profile Junior Set is the next pick on our list of the best golf clubs for high school players. This set of clubs was designed perfectly for teenagers. These golf clubs provide maximum distance and a great golfing experience. The Wilson clubs are perfect for beginners and newbies to the sport.

The “custom fit in a box” system by Wilson allows for 13 size options, meaning every high schooler will be able to find the perfect set of clubs.

The driver provided by this set is very large at 460cc and has been engineered well. The 431 stainless steel irons in this golf club set have an incredibly low center of gravity.

These clubs provide great accuracy and distance. The grips of these clubs aren’t quite as bulky as some that are out there, but will still get the job done pretty well.

Few other club sets offer such a great value to high school players. These clubs don’t only play well but also look pleasing to the eyes.

The clubs come with a lightweight carry bag that is pretty good quality and can easily be carried by the Air Flow shoulder straps.

Overall, these Wilson golf clubs won’t let any student or high school player down and will offer a great amount of quality and playability.

3. Precise Teenager Complete Golf Set

Best Golf Clubs For Teens

The Precise Teenager Complete Golf Set is another set of golf clubs for teenagers that is well worth a serious look. The construction and design of these golf clubs are pretty impressive and offers great value for the price.

This high school golf club set comes with a Titanium Driver, a Fairway Wood, a Hybrid, 7-PW Irons, Putter, and 3 H/C’s. It also comes with a great golf bag as well.

The Titanium Driver is 460cc meaning it’s a good size for forgiveness. The woods and irons are all stainless steel and are pretty high-quality. The graphite shafts on the woods and the true temper steel shafts on the irons are pretty good as well.

This set of golf clubs is ideal for high school golfers that are aged around 13-16 and both right-handers and left-handers perform well with this golf club set.

The dual-strap backpack-style golf bag and headcovers are high-quality and look great.

Overall, these golf clubs won’t steer any teenage player wrong. They’re a great set of clubs for players to learn and grow with.

4. Golf Girl FWS2 Petite Ladies Golf Club Set

Best Golf Clubs For Teenage Girls

The next golf club set on our list is the Golf Girl FWS2. This Golf Girl club set comes with 11 clubs, head covers, and a nice-looking cart bag. The clubs in this golf club set feature graphite shafts, with the exception of the putter.

The driver as well as the woods offer great MOI and are pretty big in size and the bead-style putter performs well and is great for beginners due to the impressive alignment aid.

Additionally, the cavity-backed irons feature perimeter weighting. This allows for plenty of control and accuracy when using these golf clubs.

Many high school girls will likely love this set due to the all pink aesthetic. The set is ideal for teenage ladies who are between 4.9″ and 5.5″ tall.

Overall, these golf clubs would make the perfect choice for any girls out there who are interested in getting started with the game of golf.

5. Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set

Top Junior Golf Club Sets

The Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set is another great option for high school golfers. This 8-piece set of golf clubs is ideal for pre-teens and younger teens and several different sizes are available.

This driver is a high MOI club that is 350cc and should allow for a great bit of distance. The set has a low profile fairway wood that is easy to use.

These clubs make shots easy to make and the advanced hybrid technology helps aid players during their game. The clubs are a good weight as well and the grips included are comfortable and high-quality.

The bag included with this set of clubs will serve teen golfers well and there will be plenty of room for all accessories, balls, tees, and golf gear.

Overall, this is one more set of golf clubs that all teenage players should consider carrying along with them while out on the golf course.

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for the best golf clubs for high school players you need to take special notice of the above list of clubs.

Each of the sets above will serve high schoolers and teenagers well when out on the golf course and will make their entry into this fun and unique sport a much better one overall.

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