Golf Networking: Why Business Professionals Should Learn to Golf

Golf For Business Professionals

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Last Updated on January 9, 2020

Are you striving to make it big in the business world?

Working hard to climb the corporate ladder?

While there are many great sports and hobbies out there, few are as synonymous with business than the game of golf. While it may be a cliche at this point, there’s a reason that many businessmen at every level of the corporate ladder love the game and continue to play the sport when networking with clients or schmoozing with the higher-ups of a company.

If you’re trying to make it big in business, you shouldn’t take golf networking for granted. Below we’ll look at the top reasons that every business professional should learn how to golf.

1. People Are More Relaxed Outside of the Office

One of the best reasons golf is great for business networking is that it provides a relaxed environment for you to learn new things about your clients and colleagues.

Throughout your time on the course, you’ll learn both personal and professional information about your golfing partners as they open up to you and reveal more information little by little. People are more relaxed while golfing versus inside the office, so you’ll be able to learn things about your golfing partners that you would never be able to as easily when in the office and in a professional work environment.

When it comes to discussing business topics and talking shop, you’ll also be able to talk about deals and important information in a more informal and relaxed way when out on the golf course.

2. Automatic Bonding

Another great reason that golf networking is great is that you’ll automatically bond with your colleagues or clients when out on the course. Between shots, you’ll be walking with the other golfers and will have plenty of downtime that you can use to chat casually.

Simply being in a new environment together with your colleagues leads to automatic bonding and sweating a little bit too can be a great way to build an automatic bond with others. The act of simply being out on the course and away from the office doing something active is often enough to build much stronger bonds with your golfing partners.

3. All Ages Are Welcome

Another reason that golf is such a great sport to play as a business professional is that it’s an all ages, and all skill-levels hobby.

Golf Networking

The golf course is one of the best places where a fresh college grad could potentially have a chance to rub elbows with company executives and experienced company men and clients. Anybody who knows the sport can go and play a game of golf together and have a great time doing it.

For anyone who wants to rise up in the ranks of a company or go after great clients would do well to never turn down a game of golf. While there may be a hierarchy within a company, on the golf course everyone is equal.

4. You Can Avoid Coming On Too Strong

Sometimes in business, it can be a bad thing to appear to eager. Whether you’re trying to get along with a boss or win over some clients, putting too much pressure on them or seeming too excited can scare them away. The golf course serves as a relaxed, neutral setting in which you can spend time “wooing” someone without seeming desperate.

You’ll have hours out on the course and you’ll be able to casually talk shop when walking or riding around the course. There will be plenty of downtime for talking about business while also not saying too much all at once. On the golf course, you’ll have a great chance of closing that deal you’ve been working on.

5. It’s a Great Way to Unwind

One very simple reason that all business professionals should learn how to golf is that it’s a great way to relieve stress and experience many other health benefits. Let’s face it. The business world can be harsh and cruel and it can be difficult to deal with the stress that it brings on week after week.

While there are many great sports out there that can serve a similar purpose, golf is one of the very best for allowing you to relax after a tough week at the office and can serve as a great way to release stress, release endorphins, and get your mind off of your work.

Learning to Use Business Golf Networking to Your Advantage

If you’re trying to move forward in the business world, then using golf networking to your advantage is very important. By becoming a lover of golf you’ll experience the benefits above for yourself.

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