5 Best Putters For Beginners (and High Handicappers)

Best Putters For Beginners

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Last Updated on April 24, 2020

Searching for the best putters for beginners?

Want to have an easier time out on the green?

Having a great golf putter is essential to improving your putting technique. A quality putter will help considerably when trying to sink those difficult putts and getting used to the skills it takes as a beginner player or high handicapper.

If you’re ready to improve your golf game by getting a great putter, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll take a look at the putters that are best for beginner golfers. Keep reading below to see our top picks.

Best Putters For Beginners – Quick View

Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX PutterPinemeadow Golf Men's PGX PutterCheck Price on Amazon
Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter, BlackOdyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 PutterCheck Price on Amazon
TaylorMade 2018 Spider Interactive Putter (SuperStroke, L Neck, Right Hand, with Sightline, 33 Inches)TaylorMade Golf Interactive Spider PutterCheck Price on Amazon
Tour Edge Hp Series Red 10 PutterTour Edge HP Series 10 Red PutterCheck Price on Amazon
Seemore FGP Black Mallet PutterSeeMore FGP Black MalletCheck Price on Amazon

Top Beginner Putters – REVIEWED

Ready to find a great golf putter? Here’s our list of the very best.

1. Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

Golf Putters For Students

The first golf putter on our list is the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter. This is a great putter to purchase if you’re a beginner who’s on a budget and is also one of the best putters for high handicappers as well.

The alignment design of this putter is pretty impressive and aiming will be pretty easy with this putter. Aiming can be tricky as a beginner, so this is a great putter to choose if you want to make the process a little bit easier.

If this putter looks familiar to you, it should. This putter is modeled after popular TaylorMade and Ping putter models.

2. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

Top Beginner Putters

The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter is the next putter on our list for beginners. This is a great golf putter for beginners and high handicappers. The golf putter offers a modern feel while the design is very familiar.

This putter has Odyssey’s White Hot insert. This putter will help players get the ball moving quickly and effortlessly into the hole.

3. TaylorMade Golf Interactive Spider Putter

Good Beginner Golf Putter

The TaylorMade Golf Interactive Spider Putter is another great option for beginner golfers. This putter features a high-tech design that integrates modern technology to provide for better putting. This is identical to what the PGA players use and is one of the most popular putters used by the pros.

The putter features high MOI and is perfect for sinking putts smoothly and effortlessly. With the help of a grip sensor and the Blast app, practicing will be more effective than ever.

Unfortunately, his putter may be a little too pricey for most beginners. However, if you have the money to spend this putter will be an excellent choice.

4. Tour Edge HP Series 10 Red Putter

Putting For Beginners

The Tour Edge HP Series 10 Red Putter is another worthy option to consider by any beginner who is just getting into the game. For players on a budget, this will be the go-to choice. This putter is extremely similar to the TaylorMade Spider putters, but at a very reasonable price. The design is easy to love, especially considering its cost.

This putter includes some killer alignment aids that will be a great help to beginners. The HP in this putter means High Performance.

Overall, this is another great choice and is among the best putters for high handicappers and beginner golfers.

5. SeeMore FGP Black Mallet High Handicapper Putter

Newbie Golfers

The SeeMore FGP Black Mallet is the last golf putter on our list that will serve students and high handicappers well. Beginners and high handicappers can’t do much better than this putter. The putter is visually appealing and has a solid feel.

Aiming will be incredibly easy with the help of this putter’s RifleScope Technology. The alignment system is pretty spectacular and is sure to help beginner putters sink more than they otherwise would be able to.

Final Thoughts

If you want to have the easiest time learning the game of golf, it can be well worthwhile to find a great golf putter. The products listed above are truly the best putters for beginners and each will help improve your game more than you may expect.

Be sure that you have a great golf putter with you out on the course if you want to experience the benefits.

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